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Queanbeyan City Football Club (QCFC) is a non-profit community based football club with a strong focus on promoting good health and an active lifestyle through sport. QCFC was founded in 1966 making it one of the oldest clubs in the Queanbeyan/ACT and surrounding regions, and today has over 300 registered players. Our new management committee comprises professional, highly motivated and proactive individuals with a new vision and vast plans for QCFC, its members, sponsors and the broader community.
Our emphasis is on PARTICIPATION, fun and fair play. We value our sporting successes and strive to accept defeats in our competition teams with good grace. QCFC is committed to the development of its youth to ensure the growth of the club at grass roots level, allowing natural progression of the players into senior ranks. Our approach for the Junior teams is on learning and fun, not WINNING.
Football in the Queanbeyan/ACT and surrounding regions is continuing to grow in popularity as a sport for all ages, and QCFC is proud to be a part of helping the community develop a love of the ‘world game’.

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Player Details


1Nikolce NoveskiQueanbeyan City CL
2Anthony PulcianiQueanbeyan City CL
3Dylan Alexandrow-Ridley
4Petit, JackFirst GradeGoalkeeper
5Hewitt, TomFirst GradeForward
6Walker, MarkFirst Graderight back
7Contarino, FedericoFirst Grademidfield
8Kerszberg, JonathanFirst Grademidfield
9Nedeski, DejanFirst GradeForward
10Nedeski, IgorFirst Grademidfield
11Noveski, NikolceFirst GradeForward
12Mukevski, DanielFirst Gradefullback
13Srbinoski, StevenFirst GradeForward
14Ryan, MathewFirst GradeCenter Back
15Angelkoski, ToniFirst Gradeback
16Petrovski, VaskoFirst GradeCenter Back
17Mukevski, GoranFirst Grademidfield
18Trajkoski, NikolaFirst Grademidfield
19Spaseski, VladomirU23midfield
20Noveski, StevenU23midfield
21Petreski, PetreU23Forward
22Taleski, PhillipU23Goalkeeper
23Colbertaldo, AaronU23midfield
24Goldstraw, Corey JU23midfield
25Bobb, SheguU23Forward
26Lamanoski, StefanU23midfield
27Duckinoski, FilipU23Center Back
28Aleksoski, MitkoU23Goalkeeper
29Savkovic, MateU23Forward

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